Live Streaming

Live Streaming Church service every Sunday at 10am

We will be using ‘Zoom’ which is a phone and video conferencing facility designed to connect people in multiple locations. It is widely used by businesses and has millions of users worldwide. It is free to use and perfectly safe (only your name will be visible to other people joining in).

Here are the instructions to join the ‘meeting’….


One-off set up required (If you haven’t used Zoom before, we suggest doing this before Sunday morning, if possible).

  • We recommend using a smart phone or tablet to access the live stream but you could also use a computer.
  • You could even use a basic landline telephone for sound only – for your instructions, skip to italics after number 8 below.
  • Download the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app in the App Store or Play Store (if this is unknown territory for you, please ask a relative/friend to help you or call David/Faye on 01858 525275).


On Sunday morning, from 9.45am onwards….

  1. With the app already installed, click on “Join a meeting” (please note, you do not have to ‘sign up’ or ‘sign in’ to enter the meeting )
  2. You will be prompted to enter a ‘Meeting ID’.           Please enter our code: 697 715 534 and click “Join Meeting”.
  3. You may be prompted to accept the terms of service and privacy policy and can do so by clicking “I agree”.
  4. You may be prompted to ‘allow access permission’ (this will allow the app to use your device’s camera to create the video image and its microphone to create the sound) and can do so by clicking “got it”. If they ask do you ‘allow zoom to take pictures and record video’ click “allow”.
  5. You should now see your own image on the screen and you can select whether you join the meeting with or without video. Please select “join without video” (this means everyone can watch the service but can’t see you). If asked, please “allow” recording of the audio (this terminology is misleading – it isn’t recording, rather it is enabling your microphone so that you can be heard when you are joining in. And don’t worry…. the ‘meeting organiser’ will mute you when Miranda is speaking and unmute you for the responses and hymns).
  6. You should now be able to see the meeting ‘welcome screen’ and hear the background music. If you can see the Sunday welcome screen but can’t hear anything, please check your volume setting. (If you can’t see/hear or need any technical support, please call David or Faye on 01858 525275 for assistance)
  7. The buttons at the bottom of your screen will allow you to mute/unmute your microphone and stop/start your video.
  8. Make yourself comfortable and wait for the service to start at 10am!



For a sound only experience, please dial  0203 481 5240 and when prompted, enter the meeting ID ‘697 715 534 #’. No participant ID is required so just press # again when prompted.


Clearly, this is as much of a change to me as it is to you, but I’m really rather looking forward to it!  Do join me if you can.


The online donation scheme has been established as the Offertory for the Naseby Group Virtual Services.

You may donate by using this link to the Total Giving service

You will be given the opportunity to Gift Aid your donation.     

Your donation will be used to support all seven churches of the Naseby Group of parishes, allocated in agreed proportions to each church.

This online giving scheme is administered by All Saints Church Clipston.

The donation will appear on your card statement as made to ‘Naseby Group Churches’, probably abbreviated.’    

Please don’t feel that this is expected, particularly if you are already part of the stewardship scheme, but we are obviously not benefitting from an actual collection plate being passed around our congregations.

With my love and prayers for you all,