At Home Zoom Group - Series 3 - The Upper Room
1st October 2020
19:00- 20:00
‘At Home’ Zoom group

The Upper Room - Jesus looks to the future:
John chapters 13–17

The other three Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) all give short and similar accounts of meal that Jesus had with his disciples. It is a meal to mark the Jewish Passover and it takes place in an upstairs room just before Jesus’ crucifixion. During this meal he serves bread and wine to the disciples and asks the disciples to do the same to remind themselves of him.
John’s account of the meal in the ‘Upper Room’ extends over five whole chapters and yet doesn’t include the very first communion service! Instead we have an extended record of what Jesus has to say to his disciples on the last occasion they are together. Its clear purpose is to prepare them for what lies ahead.
Through St John’s Gospel we have privileged access to this private conversation between Jesus and those whom he had chosen as those who with the help of the Holy Spirit would continue what he had started. From it we can find encouragement as modern day followers of Jesus.
My plan is that we journey through John’s Upper Room account in eight 60-minute Zoom sessions.
Week 1 27 Aug Getting started - foot washing 13:1-17
Week 2 3 Sept About betrayal, denial and a new commandment 13:18–38
Week 3 10 Sept The way, the truth and the life 14:1-14
Week 4 17 Sept Love and obedience – the Holy Spirit promised 14:15-31
Week 5 24 Sept Connected – the vine and the branches 15:1-17
Week 6 1 Oct Unpopularity anticipated 15:18-25
Week 7 8 Oct How the Holy Spirit helps 15:26–16:15
Week 8 15 Oct Confusion and clarity 16:16-33*
*We have already looked at John 17 (Jesus prayer) in a two week mini-series.
About ‘At Home’
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