Marston News

St Nicholas Church had it's quinquennial inspection last summer and this revealed several issues which we will need to work on over the coming months. Our first project was to improve the state of the boiler house which is situated underneath the church.It had been out of use for many years and had decayed.Contractors have pumped out contaminated water and oil from the site to make the area safe, and have now removed the old tank and boiler. The next phase of work in this area is to fill in the space to prevent further flooding and plans are underway for this work.

We now have a detailed list of work to be done, provided by our architect/surveyor ,and he is obtaining quotes while we obtain permissions and grants towards the next stage of work, We aslo need to tidy and clear the churchyard - this work has already been started by a keen resident and a working party is being organised to complete the work in the spring. Several local residents have volunteered their services where they have skills in paticular areas and we are very grateful and reassured by these offers of help and kindness.