At Home - Lent 2022 - Caring for Creation

‘At Home’ Lent group on Zoom

Caring for Creation



For our journey through Lent we have found a booklet called Caring for Creation as our guide. It was written by Canon Brian Davis, a retired Vicar who lives in Market Harborough and is currently chair of Eco Church Harborough.

We traditionally associate the season of Lent with giving up something, perhaps chocolate or alcohol, with the restraint exercised being good for ourselves both physically and spiritually. We often choose to take more time for prayer and reflection, for Bible reading and maybe some study through taking a Lent course.    

The growing awareness of threats to the future health of the planet presented by climate change connect our personal restraint with that of others to the benefit of not (just) ourselves but of humanity as a whole!

How does our Christian faith relate to the environment and our care for it? Does the ancient text of the Bible have anything to say that’s pertinent to an issue that has only come to fore in our lifetimes? What part should church play in the addressing the crisis? Maybe this Lent will be not just good for ourselves but also for humanity as a whole!

Ash Wednesday is 2nd March. We share start our series on the evening of the following Wednesday meeting at 7:30pm on Zoom using the ‘Virtual Services’ ID: 697 715 534.

Programme Outline

Week 1

9 March

The Environment: Focusing on God’s wonderful creation, planet earth, the place of humankind in it, and why it is under threat.

Week 2

16 March

Climate Change: Some facts and figures about climate change, and why faith in a Creator God should give us hope.

Week 3

23 March

The Age of Humans: How we human beings with our god-like powers can still undo some of the damage we have done and are doing

Week 4

30 March

Living with Crisis: how our faith can help us to face up to the climate crisis and our part in addressing it.

Week 5

6 April

Faith, Hope and Love: What’s our Christian response? How we can live in hope, and meet the demands of Christian love.


If you would interested to know more then contact Gordon Temple on 07990 887635 or email or call Kairen Ball on 575331.

If you would like to have a copy of the excellent Caring for Creation booklet please contact Kairen who will be pleased to advise you. The cost of the booklet is £3.80 but having a copy is not essential. Each week we will prepare and email out an ‘guide sheet’ to support our discussions.